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How we help

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Nelson Mandela

We truly believe that here at D&A and have been educating both children and adults since we first began in 2013. Our education programmes are our well-established, and offer both of staff and our lovely students great opportunities to help in a number of different ways.

Dec and Any both have a history of teaching English as a second language, something we've helped hundreds of students directly achieve and thousands indirectly. We're now looking to rapidly expand both our English programme as well as start more skills based courses to allow us to offer a better selection of Educational courses for students who wouldn't normally get the chance to take part in them.

Here we'll list our current projects that we are doing and what you can expect to be getting involved in while you are with us.

Our Engish Stuents

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ESL - English

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English as a Second Language

Our ESL team is our pride and joy, we currently have over 120 students in the school who actively come every week to learn English.

We teach small classes of up to 6 students, based around the theme of having fun while learning. We also help them learn outside of the school through cultural exchange with our staff and encourage whole families to learn together in order to enjoy it more.

Most of our students are scholarship students, who come for free, in addition to this we also do outreach programmes to smaller schools who either don't have English teachers or can't afford them, to provide some level of basic English education for those students who couldn't otherwise have it.

All of our interns, as well as Dec & Any take classes each week, not only to allow us to provide free education to disadvantaged students directly, but also by taking on some paid students to gives us the ability to be self-funded and free to grow without the need for external donations.

All our teachers are trained in-house by Dec and Any if and need no experience to join, just a solid grasp of the English language and a passion for working with children.

Music, Arts & Crafts

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Music, Arts and Crafts

This covers a huge range of different lessons and courses we put on, including but not limited to music, dance, art, cooking, sports, gardening, yoga and so much more!

We put on these projects with the aim of giving something back to the local community that supports us. All lessons and courses are for free and allow the local people to immerse themselves in skills and cultures they otherwise wouldn't be able to experience.

Our courses and lessons are free to attend and are based on the skills and interests of the interns we have at the time and as such provide a huge variety of different subjects for people to learn.


As an intern with us you only need to bring your passion for whatever hobby or skill you may know, all materials and classrooms are provided by us! If this sounds like something you might be interested in, send us a message!

Teaching Aid

Kids Tool Box

Teaching Aid

D&A Teaching Aid is our outreach project with the dramatic aim of changing how education is provided to make it fairer for those who currently don't get access to the services they deserve.

We provide a large variety of help in a number of different areas, to enact real change in the education industry, for example:

- Direct funding for schools and education projects, both in China and around the world

- Help Hampers, designed and made by teachers, to allow schools to carry out, not just lessons, but whole year courses without needing any more materials.

- Lesson planning, working with school and education organisations worldwide to come up with lesson plans and curriculum's that instead of restricting education allow schools to work within their budgets to provide the very best education possible with the least amount of materials required

- Teacher training - both in house and externally

- And a lot more!


Our amazing interns and staff enable us to provide these services to more schools and organisations as we grow, to allow them to continue to do the great work they do!

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