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Coming to China to Intern or Volunteer can be a daunting prospect; with a different culture and strange language a lot of people can be put off coming here. However, most of those fears quickly evaporate when people get here and find a country full of friendly people, delicious food and amazing places to visit!

We are looking for people to join us in this fascinating country, either as volunteers or interns, to help us grow from the tiny non-profit we are into something with the power to make real change to people lives globally.

Each person who joins gives us the chance to help hundreds of more students all over the world, and grow new connections with schools that need our help. You'll also get the chance to shape what D&A will become in the future, a journey we are extremely excited to have started following successfully reaching our self-funding goals.

To give you a little insight into what your week with us might look like here's what we did last week! Each week we change what we do depending on the needs of our partnership schools and students, we also welcome and fully support new ideas from our interns and volunteers.


4pm: Start; meeting to discuss and create the next weeks lesson plan and materials.

5pm-7pm: Glue, scissors and coloured paper to the ready! Time to make games and class supplies based on the lesson plans

7pm-9pm: Test and play the games with 2 of our classes to see if the kids like them (they always do!) and iron out any problems

9pm: Finish work and go for an after work IPA at Dec's house


4pm: Start; discuss problems that arouse yesterday during game testing and write final lesson plan

4:30pm-6pm: Finish making 1 master set for the games

6pm-9pm: Create 'Help Hampers' adding in the games we made and other things certain schools require, adding labels for posting

9pm: Finish work, go to Any's parents house for weekly family buffet!

Wednesday-Thursday Off

Dec & Any went to a local village to swim in a waterfall and camp on a mountain


4pm: Start; Discuss what media (videos, songs, dances) we want to make for the week.

5pm-7:30pm: Set up props and scripts and start shooting our weeks worth of free media and send it out to all our groups and schools once edited

7:30pm-9pm: Classes with kids (English)


10am-12:30pm: Classes with kids (English)

12:30pm-2pm: Lunch, local 'snail soup noodles'

2pm-5pm: Classes with kids (English)

5pm-6pm: Homemade pasta dinner with Dec

6pm-8:30pm: Classes with kids (Art and Drama)


10am-12:30pm: Classes with kids (English)

12:30pm-2pm: Lunch, local 'snail soup noodles'

2pm-5pm: Classes with kids (English)

5pm-7:30pm: Chinese class for interns and Dec's Shepard Pie

7:30pm-9pm: Classes with kids (Table Games)

9pm: End of the week beer at our favourite local bar!




What is the accommodation like?

- Kitchen, shared and fully kitted to enable you to eat how you like when you like

- Bedrooms, with soft mattresses. We aim to provide everyone with private rooms, though in some cases shared accommodation has to be provided instead

- Living Room, comfortable sofa and projector for watching movies, but you’ll normally be out having fun!

- Hot water and washing facilities, for those who worry China still hasn’t caught up with the rest of the world!

- Electricity and gas provided free of charge, you won’t have to pay a thing


Anything else provided?

- 3000rmb a month allowance is given to all interns for use on food, travel or as you see fit

- 2500rmb air-fare reimbursement is provided to all interns upon completion of 3 months with us

- Free use of school bikes and e-bikes to explore the local area and get around

- Free Chinese language and culture lessons every week

- Invitations to family dinners, festivals and cultural events

- Tours of the local areas, caves, mountains, lakes and hiking routes

- Full “awake hour” translation and travel assistance by phone and Skype so you never have to worry about getting lost in translation!

- Lots of other small random stuff, meals on the weekends, 2 days off a week, full teacher training, all work materials paid for, the list goes on and on...


Who are we looking for?

We are looking for bright, talented and imaginative people to come and be apart of our team. You need to be outgoing, fun and ready to create work off your own back, we want to really make a difference and need people who have the same drive and belief to help us achieve this!

What happens after my internship?

Upon completion of a 6 month internship successful interns will be offered the chance to set up their own branch of D&A, allowing us to extend the reach of our services and the intern the chance to move up the career ladder in the non-profit sector as a trainee branch manager.


How do we pay for this?

We are a self-funded non-profit, we do this through asking those who can afford our education services (students) to make set donations to us, this enables us to then provide for those who can’t afford it, as well as give funding to our other projects. As such all roles require a minimum of 2 days English teaching a week in order to allow us to both fund the other projects and enable volunteers to have a great time. If you’d like to learn more about how we fund ourselves in more detail then please CONTACT US with any questions you may have.

What if I can only stay a short while?

For those who want to help but can't devote themselves to an Internship position of 6 months don't worry, we do accept volunteers for shorter periods of time from 2 weeks up. All volunteers are provided with free accommodation during your stay along with tours, invitations to cultural events and family dinners and full travel/translation help so please do get in touch!


The following positions are available with us, we take each applicant on a case by case basis, experience as a teacher or education professional isn’t always necessary so don’t hesitate in applying:


D&A Internship Programme


3000rmb a month

2500 air-fare reimbursement

Free Accommodation

Free Chinese Lessons

5 day Week/36.5 Hours a Week

Weekend Meals Provided

6 Month Contract

D&A Volunteer Programme


Free Accommodation

Free Chinese Lessons

4-5 Day Week/4-5 Hours a Day

Contract Length: 2-24 weeks

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