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We are d&a!

The small non-profit trying to make a big difference

Founded in China nearly 6 years ago by Dec and Any initially as a Non-Profit English Language School, we now work with schools worldwide to provide them, and the lovely students who attend them, with free educational materials, classroom supplies, consultation and training. We believe that everyone should have access to the very best education, not just a privilege few, and over the past 6 years we are proud to say that we have helped hundreds of students get access to just that.


Having began with something we loved already, teaching, we quit our jobs in a private English Training Centre and opened our own not-for-profit school, with the aim of providing the best language education we could, charging families who could afford it, to pay for those who couldn’t.


It worked and after providing direct tutoring to over 300 students for free in the first 3 years we then started working with other schools, who had small/no budgets, to come up with creative solutions to allow them to also give their students the same opportunities we were able to give.  Now we are looking to expand and provide skills based education in a number of different areas as well, including music, dance, art, drama and cooking, both at our current school and through funding projects at others.


But to do this we need your help. We need people who are creative, have the passion to help people and the drive to find solutions in places where others haven’t before to create a fairer world, one student and school at a time.


If this sounds like something you might be interested in then please read more about it on our PROJECTS page, to find out a little about how we help other schools, or our JOIN US page to inquire about coming here to help us on one of our very special internship programmes. As we are self funded we don’t ask for any money from you as other projects might, we believe in growing a sustainable charity so we can make a difference for the future.

Any & Dude

Dude (our son!) & Any

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